Know your Supporters

Gain a single shared view of your contacts and their giving and interactions with your organisation. Collect and analyse data across marketing, fundraising, membership, donations, events and activities to build a picture of constituent behaviour and build a strategy for engagement.

Membership Platform

Provide the best member experience to acquire, engage and retain. CiviCRM has advanced membership functionality providing the ability to create simple to complex membership tiers, structures, renewals, recurring billing and member portal integration.    

Online & Offline Income, Giving and Fundraising

Input different income types both online and offline for both single and recurring giving and monitor donor activity straight from the contact record. Democratise and empower your fundraising by allowing individual donors (or teams of donors) to participate in peer-to-peer fundraising and run their own campaigns, all powered by CiviCRM.

Payment Processing & Accounting Integration

Provide payment inclusivity and flexibility for your supporters with multiple payment options including credit/debit card, direct debit payment processing through providers like Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal, SmartDebit and many more. Reduce operational overheads by integrating your CRM directly into your cloud-based accounting software such as Quickbooks, Xero and Sage.


Improve trust and transparency with donors and deliver key performance indicators to funders and grantmakers with CiviCRM’s extensive reporting capability. Build basic and advanced searches and choose from existing pre-built reports, or even build your own. Functionality that enables you effectively and efficiently report to your organisation’s stakeholders, measure performance and build strategy.

Website & Content Management Integration

With CRM software holding important data about your supports, the integration with your website and CMS is key to delivering personalised services. CiviCRM has native integration with Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and Backdrop which allows you to visualise, create and modify CRM data directly in the web front end.

Contact Management

Automatically store all data for each contact in one place, creating a unified, holistic record for each constituent.

Configurable & Customizable

CiviCRM's open source license will allow you the freedom to find the right programmer to tailor your installation specifically to your needs.

Membership Management

Individuals can sign up and pay for their membership online, receive automatic membership renewal reminders, and receive member-only emails.

Accounting Integration

Enter your gifts once in CiviCRM, and export them in the accounting format that your accounting system - and your accountant - will love.

Case Management

CiviCRM allows organizations to create, manage, and track simple or sophisticated case management workflows.

Event Management

Create and manage bulk email lists. You can also segment your lists, do A/B testing, and monitor statistics.

Email Marketing

Create and manage bulk email lists. You can also segment your lists, do A/B testing, and monitor statistics.

Contribution Management

Process and track contributions, send gift acknowledgements, and report on your data in an elegant and intuitive workflow process.

Advocacy Campaigns

Build advocacy campaigns by tying together and tracking the progress of a campaign’s events, mailings, activities, and contributions.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Your members and donors can raise funds on behalf of your organization through personal campaigns.


Choose one of the 40 standard reports or configure and create a custom report to evaluate your organization’s impact.

CMS Integration

Integrate CiviCRM directly into your CMS to take donations, announce events, and more. The integration possibilities are endless.

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