The Challenge

One of the most common interactions an organisational user will have with supporters is via emails, from support requests through to case management, a lot of important information flows through emails.

Traditionally these communications would either be left in the email suite or be copied into CiviCRM using a manual, and error prone, copy and paste action. This results in a decrease in data quality, reducing the contact information held in the CiviCRM such as not updating the contact record with the email address being used. It also means that often important information is not shared on the contact record, therefore leading to a lack of data sharing across the organisation. Having silo'd systems without integration also leads to a situation where not all users are passing data into the CRM as they often feel this is outside of their remit.

Finally a reduced capacity to measure supporter engagement, if the record of engagement is not stored in the CRM then you cannot report on it resulting in the organisation unable to interact with engaged supporters and supporters feeling undervalued.

At a glance

Technology CiviCRM Outlook

Region Global

Components Emails, Case, Activity

The Solution

Implement the CiviCRM Outlook Add Inn

- Create and update contact information
- Add email correspondence into CiviCRM directly from Outlook
- Update cases with correspondence received in emails
- Reduce the need for occasional users to know how to navigate CiviCRM


Time saved by staff recording information into CiviCRM, no longer having to copy and paste and instead being able to file chains of emails at the click of the button.


Rise in user engagement, no longer having to use 2 systems to record information including a increase in updates as well as a decrease in user errors.


Increase in the number of activities being recorded in CiviCRM, including more users updating the CRM who previously were unable to due to time or training issues.

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