The Challenge

We were approached by The RTS with request for services around their existing CiviCRM install. A previous supplier had installed and configured CiviCRM but failed to delivery the project to a satisfactory standard. The RTS were looking for a partner who could manage their solution and ensure the RTS were getting the maximum ROI from the platform. Key departments within the business needed support, including;
- Events & conferences using external products, not the central CiviCRM install
- Membership had not gone ‘online’
- Security and upgrades were not being managed
- Training and support required throughout the organisation

Veda Consulting carried out an audit of the existing CiviCRM install prior to commencing our schedule of works, where we identified over 8000 lines of customisation to the product. The changes were not documented and were not implemented as extensions. Our first task was to remove all of the customisations, migrating identifiable modifications to extensions.
In parallel we began to deep dive into business to understand the functions within the departments, specific pain points and aspirations for the future. Mapping the aspirations into the CiviCRM toolset released low barrier functions to the RTS, quickly enabling event booking to move online within CiviCRM and enabling online membership features.
Since then we’ve been managing the platform and helping to expand the RTS’s offerings, including regional administration, conference management, integration with Sage 50, event manager apps and the introduction of mobile apps for customers.

At a glance

Industry Arts

Region National

Skills Membership, Mobile App

The Solution

Increased membership, regions using central GDPR compliant database with all event management carried out in the central CRM. Integration with Sage accounting for event and membership income, including reporting needs for making tax digital. Finance teams accessing civicrm for batch export and import into Sage. Online Joining and Renewal. Conference bookings invoice and credit card. Zoom integration for all events allowing CRM to capture bookings whilst ensuring the zoom event is updated.

At Veda Consulting Company, we go


We go deeper with our customers to understand their goals and pain. Implementing CiviCRM can deliver reduced operating costs, increased income and greater impact in order to maximise the return on investment across the organisation.